Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding providing unique therapy
by Monica Burge
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It has been about three years since Libby Beem took her first horseback ride and while she is an award-winning rider now, there were moments of apprehension in the early goings. “I thought I was going to fall off,” Libby said. But she didn’t fall. Instead, through her horseback riding she has learned plenty about horses, but more importantly, she has learned a lot about herself. “The horseback riding has really helped me,” Libby said. Her mother, Julie Beem, agrees. “The benefits in...
Barge endorses democrat for superintendent
Republican state superintendent John Barge is endorsing the Democratic candidate seeking to take his place as the state's top education official. Barge said Thursday that Valarie Wilson will contin...
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Column: An open letter to my long-awaited son
Dear Joshua, Welcome to the world. Welcome to our family. I can’t wait to get to know you and spend the rest of this crazy thing called life with you. There’s so much I want to tell you and so much...
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  • LifeSong Montessori creating life-long learners
    More than a century ago, Maria Montessori started a school that implemented revolutionary ideas for the classroom. The philosophy of the Montessori Method, according to the American Montessori Soci...
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    Elected officials and college degrees
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    Do you think it is important for elected officials to have college degrees?