Stone Mountain police to get points for performance
by Christine Fonville
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A new, points-based system began for Stone Mountain police last week to ensure that officers are doing their jobs, said Police Chief Chancey Troutman. “Unfortunately we’ve had complaints from city council members, citizens and even from some of our officers stating that certain officers are not doing what they’re supposed to do at work,” Troutman said. “Because I’ve received complaints saying the same thing about individual officers sitting in patrol cars on cell phones, doing homew...
Cross Keys may have found the answer to its coaching woes
Cross Keys High School’s varsity head football coach John Bowen is hoping to stop what has become a major negative factor for the school’s varsity gridiron program — a revolving door to the head co...
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DeKalb Watershed identified source of water billing issue
DeKalb County has uncovered the reason for why a handful of residents in north DeKalb did not receive water bills for services rendered during the last 60 days. Some bills were marked “undeliverabl...
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Confederate Flag
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Should the Confederate flag be displayed on government property?