Column: Letters tell story of community caught in ...
by Thornton Kennedy
09:17 AM, Wednesday, July 29
In July 1864, Sandy Springs became the second most populous community in the South almost overnight. Only New Orleans had more people, according to the Sandy Springs Historic Preservation Society. About 1,000 people lived in the modest farming com...

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress should approve American Ene...
Editor’s note: The following letter is about U.S. Senate Bill 791 , also known as the American Energy Renaissance Act...
08:32 AM, Thursday, March 26
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Column: Chimney, hearth traced back to pioneer family
Judge James Power sounds like a man not to be crossed, the kind of man who could be found out West in the 1800s, keep...
09:28 AM, Wednesday, March 25
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OPINION: Lee May, DeKalb County Interim CEO
State legislative proposal House Bill 586, to annex property owned by the citizens of DeKalb County into the city of ...
12:00 PM, Tuesday, March 24
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Column: Thankful for new generation of Methodist ministers
I spent last week helping to assess a group of people for a job I couldn’t do if my life depended on it. Actually, wh...
01:04 PM, Thursday, March 19
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Column: A love story for the ages
A mention in this space of Eiderdown, the heavy-duty comforter which the British have used to ameliorate the dark col...
12:57 PM, Thursday, March 19
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Guest column: Censored, fast-forwarded James Bond
I might be the only father in America who hasn’t seen the movie “Frozen.” And I can state quite honestly I haven’t ev...
12:48 PM, Thursday, March 19
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks for pointing out Dorsey’s rol...
Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to Dick Yarbrough’s March 4 column, titled “Without Jasper Dorsey,...
12:44 PM, Thursday, March 19
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Column: Ubiquitous stickers more than status symbols
The summer after I graduated from Christchurch School in Virginia, I had the opportunity to study French for two mont...
09:20 AM, Wednesday, March 18
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Column: Lee analyzes Legislature’s refusal to lower age li...
It is with regret I tell you our intrepid public servants in the Georgia Legislature have scuttled a bill that would ...
02:36 PM, Thursday, March 12
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Column: Real beauty queens
Q: I’ve been reading your column for several years now, and I really like your take on beauty, especially as it perta...
02:29 PM, Thursday, March 12
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Guest column: Why metro moms want more school choice
Like every other parent, we have three primary concerns: that our children are safe, that they are healthy and that t...
02:01 PM, Thursday, March 12
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Column: Good customer service trumps chips, soft drink
If you had asked her she would have denied it, but I am fairly certain the only reason our mother sent us to The Love...
09:28 AM, Wednesday, March 11
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LEE MAY: Commissioners must appoint a District 5 represent...
In July of 2013, I was appointed to the position of interim CEO by Gov. [Nathan] Deal, when DeKalb County was at a cr...
11:10 AM, Tuesday, March 10
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Column: Without Jasper Dorsey, Fox Theatre may not exist
I read with interest in last week’s Northside Neighbor about the upcoming gala March 14 to commemorate the 40th anniv...
03:08 PM, Thursday, March 05
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Column: Case of mistaken identity
Q: In your last column you stated, “In order to realize your purpose, you must operate in the right realm.” What exac...
03:01 PM, Thursday, March 05
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