Column: Georgia’s juvenile justice system going to...
by Dick Yarbrough
10:52 AM, Thursday, January 29
The state of Georgia’s Juvenile Justice System is going to the dogs. And that’s a good thing. This is just one of the lessons I have learned during my short time as a member of the board of the Department of Juvenile Justice. All I knew about the ...

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09:10 AM, Thursday, September 11
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Column: 1915 mob attack has ties to Peacock House
My great-great-aunt and uncle, Edna and Albert Thornton, were at the Buckhead home of Gov. John M. Slaton when it was...
02:00 PM, Wednesday, September 10
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Column: It’s September and the political day grows short
Can it be? Is it September already? One of my favorite tunes, “September Song,” was written by Kurt Weill and Maxwell...
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Column: The evil next door
Q: I’ve been shocked to learn that the metro Atlanta area, including the suburbs, is a hub for sex trafficking and th...
05:06 PM, Thursday, September 04
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Column: The apple, the tree and letting it be
The phone rang on a Tuesday evening. I didn’t answer it. I always try not to. Excluding telemarketers, no one calls m...
04:57 PM, Thursday, September 04
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Column: The Hole had Trapper Keepers, ice cream cakes
“The Hole” sounds like a derogatory term. It isn’t. It’s where my family went for school supplies, groceries, medicin...
11:03 AM, Wednesday, September 03
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pray and vote for our survival
Editor: In response to the letter from Ms. McDowell [Neighbor Newspapers, Aug. 27], disgusted leftist -------! If she...
03:49 PM, Tuesday, September 02
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OTHER VOICES: Are we moving too fast to approve marijuana-...
I grew up hearing, “The road to Hades is paved with good intentions.” Never more true than in the current proposed le...
03:41 PM, Tuesday, September 02
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OTHER VOICES: Georgia needs wisdom to make right choice on...
As the clock approached midnight on March 20, the final night of the 2014 Georgia legislative session, it became appa...
03:34 PM, Tuesday, September 02
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Column: Family’s tragedy a reminder to text less, live more
It is a potential killer whose numbers rival the deadly Ebola virus, and it doesn’t get near the attention it should....
03:05 PM, Thursday, August 28
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Column: 'The old black dog'
Q: I was recently hospitalized for some major surgery. When the anesthesiologist came in to visit just prior to surge...
02:58 PM, Thursday, August 28
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City’s performing arts center should...
EDITOR: I serve as managing artistic director for Atlanta Theatre-to-Go, a nonprofit Sandy Springs theatre company, a...
02:53 PM, Thursday, August 28
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disgusted with right-wing columns
EDITOR: I’ve lived in DeKalb County for 30-plus years. I receive your paper every week and I look through it for loca...
02:47 PM, Thursday, August 28
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Column: Windows find their way to Washington
What remains of the Craigie House on Piedmont Road in Midtown is propped up by a few pieces of wood. Without them the...
02:44 PM, Wednesday, August 27
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Column: Look for helpers
Q: We have a neighbor couple that have attached themselves to us. We both adore and enjoy spending time with him. … H...
01:57 PM, Thursday, August 21
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