LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pray and vote for our survival
03:49 PM, Tuesday, September 02
Editor: In response to the letter from Ms. McDowell [Neighbor Newspapers, Aug. 27], disgusted leftist -------! If she can say “angry old white men,” and it’s OK, then I can be politically incorrect also! Yes! How about Mr. Foley’s leftist drivel? ...

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Immigration bill will add trillions ...
EDITOR: Under the currently proposed comprehensive immigration reform legislation (Senate Bill 744), we will tack ano...
05:49 PM, Thursday, May 23
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Column: Middle school takeover case of history repeating
This summer Sutton Middle School will take over a Buckhead high school, repeating a scene that has played out once be...
02:44 PM, Wednesday, May 22
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Column: Are propane powered police cars safe?
Is a propane powered police car safe? I hope so. It’s used to fuel my Sandy Springs Police car. The SSPD has received...
11:11 AM, Friday, May 17
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Column: Dalton mayor mulls primary run against Deal
David Pennington, the mayor of Dalton, is making noises about challenging incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal in the 2014 Repu...
10:04 AM, Thursday, May 16
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Column: Monsters-in-law and golf terror
Q: My mother-in-law hates me and mostly ignores me. The only time she acknowledges my existence is to send me ridicul...
09:57 AM, Thursday, May 16
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Guest column: Mobile banking: Is it safe?
Mobile banking can be a convenient way to take care of your banking needs on the run. Americans are very tech savvy a...
09:47 AM, Thursday, May 16
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Truck lanes, not tolls, solution to ...
EDITOR: The Georgia Department of Transportation has bought an expensive sports car. The seller uttered the words “To...
09:43 AM, Thursday, May 16
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Column: Cycling a rite of spring we have to learn to live ...
When I was younger I had zero interest in sharing the road when I was on my bike. It was mine, all mine. Cars were me...
11:38 AM, Wednesday, May 15
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Column: College senior triumphs over life-altering experience
This is the story of courage. This is a story of tenacity. This is the story of Hill Daniel. Daniel, a 21-year-old se...
04:48 PM, Thursday, May 09
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Column: Grannies galore and gift giving
Q: A number of women in my granddaughter’s life want her to call them Grandma or Granny or Nanny. Is this a new quirk...
04:37 PM, Thursday, May 09
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Guest column: New juvenile justice law positive, saves money
May 2, Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law House Bill 242, a historic reform in the way the state handles its children i...
04:29 PM, Thursday, May 09
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Column: E. Rivers Elementary fire drew thousands
E. Rivers Elementary School in Buckhead will be destroyed for the second time in its 96-year history this summer. Thi...
06:10 PM, Wednesday, May 08
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Column: GPB deals with an unhappy Big Bird and talking frogs
RING! RING! “Hello, this is Teya Ryan, president of Georgia Public Broadcasting. I am calling to ask you to consider ...
04:26 PM, Thursday, May 02
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Column: All’s well that ends well
Never thought the title of a Shakespearean play would apply to me personally, but in the aftermath of the dastardly b...
04:16 PM, Thursday, May 02
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Column: Kids gone bad and us doing good
Q: Why do children now feel the need to be rewarded for anything they do? An example is reading in school in order to...
04:09 PM, Thursday, May 02
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