LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pray and vote for our survival
03:49 PM, Tuesday, September 02
Editor: In response to the letter from Ms. McDowell [Neighbor Newspapers, Aug. 27], disgusted leftist -------! If she can say “angry old white men,” and it’s OK, then I can be politically incorrect also! Yes! How about Mr. Foley’s leftist drivel? ...

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Column: More scams; run for the hills!
You get home after a very long day at work. There was a two-hour traffic delay, you had to fill up your tank, which c...
01:40 PM, Friday, February 22
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Column: Thanks to humor-impaired, the state of this column...
My fellow Americans: (Yea! Clap! Clap! Clap!) I come to you today to report on the state of your column — and it is y...
02:48 PM, Thursday, February 21
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Column: On energy vampires and moving mountains
Q: My hubby and I have sort of a backwards marriage. He does everything around the house: cooks, cleans, does laundry...
02:36 PM, Thursday, February 21
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Column: The other side of Herschel Walker
WESTLAKE, Texas — The Herschel Walker you know is likely the one who won the Heisman Trophy, played 15 years of profe...
02:17 PM, Thursday, February 21
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Column: Birthday invitations come with waivers
Children’s birthday parties have evolved in ways impossible to conceive. No longer content to skate around in circles...
10:54 AM, Thursday, February 21
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Column: Speaker discusses proposed ethics legislation
Are you sitting down? I had a meeting with House Speaker David Ralston last week at the Capitol. Got your breath yet?...
03:57 PM, Thursday, February 14
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Column: Dr. Bobby Brown a baseball anomaly
FT. WORTH — Dr. Bobby Brown, the one-time Yankee third baseman who roomed with Yogi Berra on road trips, lives on a q...
03:51 PM, Thursday, February 14
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Column: On Mama Power and Cooter Brown
Q: My daughter and her husband wanted to come to my house to watch football, and they would be bringing beer with the...
03:37 PM, Thursday, February 14
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LETTER TO EDITOR: Selection of deputy whip questionable
EDITOR: It seems very troublesome to read in your recent front-page article on ethics reform (“Local senators vote al...
03:32 PM, Thursday, February 14
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Column: Buckhead barely passes black history
Since 1928, the small white church on Arden Road has drawn predominantly African Americans in an overwhelmingly white...
04:16 PM, Wednesday, February 13
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Column: Walking away from public schools not a solution
As many of you recall, I opposed the recent charter school amendment, not because I oppose charter schools — I don’t ...
03:56 PM, Thursday, February 07
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Guest column: New stadium a sound investment for Georgia
Every day, in homes and businesses, decisions are made based on return on investment. In making those decisions, we d...
03:46 PM, Thursday, February 07
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Column: Sensitive males, buzz kills and beauty tricks
Q: How do I deal with a very sensitive male friend who I have no romantic interest in — and he says he doesn’t in me ...
02:50 PM, Thursday, February 07
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Column: Smith family rose up before it was cool
04:34 PM, Wednesday, February 06
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Column: GPB welcomes new executive producer
Knock! Knock! Knock! “Hello. Can I help you?” “Hi. Are you Teya Ryan, president of Georgia Public Broadcasting?” “Yes...
04:05 PM, Thursday, January 31
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