BLOG: The dress is... ugly
by Christine Fonville
02:30 PM, Friday, February 27
I’m going to end the great dress debate of 2015, right here, right now, with one statement that everyone can agree on: It doesn’t matter if the dress is gold and white or blue and black, we can all agree that it’s an ugly piece of fabric that no o...

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Despite new ethics reform laws, Geor...
EDITOR: Georgia House Ethics Committee chair Joe Wilkinson, R-Sandy Springs, has ridiculed ethics reform by comparing...
10:20 AM, Thursday, March 21
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Column: Forts connect Civil War to 21st century
The Civil War earthworks are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for along the ridges near the train tracks...
03:39 PM, Wednesday, March 20
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Column: This judge has earned his place at head of table
Let’s face it. Judges can be pretty scary folks to We the Unwashed. About the only time we ever see them is when we a...
11:17 AM, Thursday, March 14
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Guest column: Is my child ready for kindergarten?
Kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, transitional kindergarten — how do I know where my child will be most successful? Wit...
10:41 AM, Thursday, March 14
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Column: Play dates and mad gambles
Q: I recently invited a mother and her child over for a play date. The mother brought a sick child but strongly insis...
10:29 AM, Thursday, March 14
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Column: Move to the multiplex more of a mad dash
A generation of Northside children grew up spending their Saturday afternoons in movie theaters marveling at Flash Go...
04:47 PM, Wednesday, March 13
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Column: Awareness of surroundings key to self-defense
After attending a self-defense class at the Sandy Springs Police Department, two things stood out in my mind. First, ...
01:55 PM, Wednesday, March 13
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Column: For ethics reform, the party isn’t over yet
The Georgia House of Representatives has passed an ethics reform bill and has sent it on its way to the state Senate ...
12:29 PM, Thursday, March 07
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Column: Nosy relatives and forgiving
Q: I was at a popular new restaurant and was sitting at the bar for about two hours with a friend. We had dinner ther...
12:21 PM, Thursday, March 07
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Column: Remembering the past a ‘good tonic for emotions’
When you spend time on the road, you often have time to reflect, reminisce and recall the past. One of the things whi...
12:13 PM, Thursday, March 07
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Column: Long history with Hollywood goes back 7 decades
Hollywood has encroached upon our little berg like kudzu. Film crews and their legions of trucks fill our neighborhoo...
11:48 AM, Thursday, March 07
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Column: Martin, Rangers wow Symphony Gala
I have never been a huge bluegrass music fan. I listen to mostly rock and roll and some pop. In early 2001 I caught b...
11:45 AM, Sunday, March 03
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Column: What school teachers make is more than money
My recent observations on the lack of respect given public school teachers in Georgia engendered a lot of responses, ...
04:00 PM, Thursday, February 28
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Column: Roy Roberts has deep UGA roots
One of Georgia’s most loyal basketball season-ticket buyers over the years descended from an ardent Bulldog family, b...
03:28 PM, Thursday, February 28
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Column: Egos at work and ties that bind
Q: We can’t afford to take a real vacation this year, so I guess we’ll be having a “staycation.” The thought of this ...
03:20 PM, Thursday, February 28
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