Column: Family’s tragedy a reminder to text less, ...
by Dick Yarbrough
03:05 PM, Thursday, August 28
It is a potential killer whose numbers rival the deadly Ebola virus, and it doesn’t get near the attention it should. Unlike the dreaded illness currently ravaging West Africa, this is one with a quick cure. This killer? Texting while driving. The...

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Easy, when you see or hear something that seems out of the ordinary (suspicious) and those little hairs stand up on t...
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I read several news reports recently about a study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the Univer...
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Column: King Barack Hussein Obama
Somehow it seems appropriate that my next to last column would begin with a farewell address. On Sept. 19, 1796, Pres...
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Column: With government, what goes up, doesn’t come down
I was stunned. After five years of real estate free fall, I received my new property tax assessment. According to cou...
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Column: Neighborhoods grew out of summertime ritual
Logic dictates Buckhead’s neighborhoods should at least chronologically follow Peachtree Road starting just north of ...
06:15 PM, Wednesday, June 27
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Letter to the Editor: T-SPLOST the Wrong Answer
Few would argue that Metro-Atlanta does not need traffic congestion relief; however, the percentage of money in T-SPL...
10:00 AM, Saturday, June 23
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Column: Can you trust emails anymore?
As we continue our lesson on garbage and hoax emails; I wish to thank Sandy Springs own IT department for their contr...
11:29 AM, Friday, June 22
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Column: Methodists more than a match for secularists
I received a press release last week from the Secular Coalition for America, a group of “atheists, agnostics, humanis...
03:59 PM, Thursday, June 21
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Column: How Republicans can stay in power
In 1994, Republicans captured control of the United States House of Representatives after four decades of Democratic ...
03:52 PM, Thursday, June 21
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