LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Joke turns into lesson on pa...
11:12 AM, Friday, September 26
EDITOR: On last Thursday while in the checkout line at the local Kroger on Hwy 5, in Douglasville, I asked the customer in front of me, “Did you know that on Thursdays each customer pays for the customer behind him/her.” It usually elicits a respo...

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Column: Old plantation home holds a special place
When people think of our city, I dare say many conjure visions of Tara, the stately home of Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone ...
03:48 PM, Wednesday, August 15
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Third time’s the charm for license renewal
Waking up at 5:45 a.m. on a Saturday is not my idea of fun, but it’s necessary to take certain precautions when going...
05:35 PM, Thursday, August 09
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Column: School superintendent’s endorsement of Chip Rogers...
What in the world was State School Superintendent John Barge thinking when he endorsed the reelection campaign of Sta...
03:07 PM, Wednesday, August 08
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Column: Message to Georgia’s so-called leaders: We don’t t...
My very first car was a Pontiac Sunbird. It pretty much got me from A to B without a lot of fuss. A couple years late...
02:56 PM, Wednesday, August 08
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Column: Camp started as sports program for rowdy boys
The summer camp nestled behind The Westminster Schools in Buckhead came as a complete shock to me when I was 8. All o...
02:28 PM, Wednesday, August 08
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Column: Watching London Olympics 16 years after Atlanta's
Hard to believe, but it has been 16 years since the Olympic Games were held in our state. As I watch the festivities ...
02:23 PM, Wednesday, August 01
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Column: 2 percent want something for nothing
I’ve got to hand it to Janet. She is incredibly persistent. She wrote me more than a year ago, complaining about one ...
02:12 PM, Wednesday, August 01
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Column: Voter turnout steady at my polling place
This morning I voted at High Point Elementary School in southern Sandy Springs. When I arrived at 7:22 a.m., there we...
09:14 AM, Tuesday, July 31
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Column: Recent trip a reminder to take nothing for granted
I have just returned from a memorable trip to Valdosta. I went there to speak to the Rotary Club. The members laughed...
05:29 PM, Wednesday, July 25
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Column: Tennessee Titans endorse Bunny Bread
In case you didn’t know it, Bunny Bread has been named the official bread of the Tennessee Titans. That’s right; the ...
05:24 PM, Wednesday, July 25
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Column: Olympics another example of city rising to occasion
When the global spotlight falls on Atlanta, our city shines like a Southern belle making her debut at the Bal de Salu...
04:51 PM, Wednesday, July 25
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Column: A good breakfast is the best way for kids to start...
Now that school is starting again soon, many parents are trying to make sure their children are getting a good breakf...
03:28 PM, Wednesday, July 25
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What we'll remember about the Aurora...
I was moved when I heard an Atlanta talk show host recap some of President Obama’s visit with victims’ families in Au...
12:19 PM, Wednesday, July 25
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Atlanta has long history of ‘crazy’ ...
Throughout our history as a city, metro Atlanta has often found itself in the spotlight for its lofty plans and big i...
11:39 AM, Tuesday, July 24
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Column: Protecting Your Vehicle's Interior
Having your car broken into is no laughing matter. In police jargon, it’s called “entering autos.” Basically, no matt...
02:18 PM, Friday, July 20
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