Column: Friendships are truly the gift that keeps ...
by Dick Yarbrough
03:04 PM, Thursday, December 18
Maybe it’s the fact that I have more days in the rear-view mirror than I have ahead of me, but at this special time of year I am more aware than ever of the gift of friendships. Friendships are always the correct size, the right color and don’t re...

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Column: Aggressive Driving
GA Code 40-6-397 – Aggressive Driving: Driving behavior that is rude, unsafe, or frightening to other drivers. Georgi...
01:59 PM, Friday, October 19
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Column: Pro-charter amendment forces trying to bully foes
If the pro-charter amendment people are trying to win friends and influence voters to pass the measure in November, t...
04:48 PM, Wednesday, October 17
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Column: Why I will vote yes on charter amendment
There is a lot of misinformation on the Charter School Amendment. I want to try and set the record straight. First, c...
04:43 PM, Wednesday, October 17
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LETTER TO EDITOR: No person should experience grief alone
EDITOR: October is Depression Awareness Month — a time to recognize a condition that affects nearly 10 percent of the...
04:38 PM, Wednesday, October 17
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Column: Fall’s rhythm a welcome reminder
Fall is by far the best time of year. As the evenings grow shorter and sounds of crickets die down, life settles into...
03:11 PM, Wednesday, October 17
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Column: Retail Customer Thefts
The most common retail customer thefts occur in large retail stores, especially those where the customer uses a shopp...
02:51 PM, Friday, October 12
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Column: What to expect when you're applying: A high school...
College is supposed to be the best four years of a person’s life — at least that is what people continue to tell me. ...
04:05 PM, Thursday, October 11
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Column: Special school has positive impact on special-need...
If you aren’t careful, it is very easy to get pessimistic these days. We have gotten too loud, too adversarial, too p...
03:23 PM, Wednesday, October 10
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Column: America has already gone ‘green’
As a student in high school, I remember my civics teacher, a second generation of Russian heritage, sternly lecturing...
03:18 PM, Wednesday, October 10
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote yes on charter school amendment
Editor’s note: This letter by District 54 State Rep. Edward Lindsey, R-Atlanta, is in response to Lynn Brown McKinney...
02:57 PM, Wednesday, October 10
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Honesty is best policy in school
EDITOR: A recent New York Times article cited studies finding that “a majority of students violate standards of acade...
02:54 PM, Wednesday, October 10
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Column: 60 years an eternity in Buckhead
When the Class of 1952 attended North Fulton High School, there was a riflery range in the basement. Given the state ...
06:44 PM, Tuesday, October 09
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Column: Junior E. Lee says UGA tops on his bugs list
Junior E. Lee, general manager of the Yarbrough Worldwide Media and Pest Control Co. in Greater Garfield, Georgia, ju...
01:11 PM, Thursday, October 04
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Column: Giving agrarian style
How interesting that in the current presidential campaign, the income and charitable giving of candidates has become ...
01:03 PM, Thursday, October 04
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Attorney advice is necessary
EDITOR: Just a couple quick points on the Sept. 19 Public Safety Corner column entitled “Six Mortgage Relief Scams Yo...
12:56 PM, Thursday, October 04
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