Column: Trying to find positives in this world can...
by Dick Yarbrough
03:55 PM, Thursday, September 18
The Woman Who Shares My Name instructed me that this week’s column was to be about positive things. She said she is tired of bad news and thought you felt the same way. “Surely, you can find some positive things to write about,” she said, “and tem...

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Column: Peach trees spark friendly rivalry
It’s not the Hatfields and the McCoys, but both St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Midtown and the Cathedral of St. Phili...
05:58 PM, Wednesday, June 06
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Column: The emperor has a new terminal
The city of Atlanta held a parade last Wednesday to celebrate the fact that the Emperor had a new set of clothes; but...
02:07 PM, Thursday, May 24
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Column: Beware Atlanta’s $1.6 billion speed trap
I sensed something was wrong back in January when I couldn’t get an answer to a simple question. I asked the city of ...
07:34 PM, Monday, May 21
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Column: Women could change presidential politics
With less than 180 days until the general election, no one can predict what will happen on Nov. 6, 2012. In fact, any...
07:31 PM, Monday, May 21
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Column: Skeeter Skates finds out he has a lot to learn ......
Skeeter Skates, owner of Skeeter’s Tree Stump Removal and Plow Repair in metropolitan Pooler, called me this week. Th...
07:26 PM, Monday, May 21
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Letter to the Editor: Questionable practices at animal she...
EDITOR: More than a year ago, I heard about the Atlanta Humane Society’s plans to build a new $10 million shelter on ...
07:08 PM, Monday, May 21
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Column: Oakland to host Tunes from the Tombs
The Tunes from the Tombs weekend festival-style event Saturday and Sunday at Historic Oakland Cemetery near Grant Par...
08:08 PM, Thursday, May 17
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Column: Break brings end to morning struggle
The distance between The Schenck School and The Lovett School is 4.2 miles. A healthy person who is in decent shape s...
07:27 PM, Thursday, May 17
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Federal judge sees majesty in the law, not jokes
While May 1st is designated Law Day in the U.S., Judge Lisa Godbey Wood, chief judge of the U.S. Southern District of...
09:40 AM, Wednesday, May 02
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It’s the economy, stupid
To listen to the mainstream media, voters might think that the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election is a for...
09:39 AM, Wednesday, May 02
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Giving Governor Deal good marks for his job performance
Dear Governor, I know you have been waiting to hear how I think you are handling things these days, but I wanted to g...
09:43 AM, Wednesday, April 25
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How presidents are elected — really
Most voters think they elect the president and vice president on general election day. This year, general election da...
09:42 AM, Wednesday, April 25
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Column: The passing of Mike Wallace and real TV journalism
I loved Mike Wallace. I along with millions of Americans spent hundreds of Sunday nights watching him confront bad gu...
09:35 AM, Thursday, April 19
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Column: The transit tax will pass but should it?
The timing couldn’t be worse. Metro Atlanta’s leaders are asking you to give them even more money. This time, they wa...
09:37 AM, Thursday, April 12
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Column: The medicine is worse than the disease
The U.S. Supreme Court is currently grappling with the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. Ind...
09:38 AM, Wednesday, April 04
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