Column: Legislators shooting to beat plowshares in...
by Dick Yarbrough
12:08 AM, Friday, February 12
Son of a gun. District 11 State Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper, is at it again. Georgia’s version of Wyatt Earp was the chief gunslinger in getting a bill passed in 2014 that was intended to let us lock-and-load most anywhere we want — libraries, ch...

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BLOG II: My civic-minded neighbors
As I approached my vehicle this morning, getting ready to stop in at Dunaire Elementary School for a vote before work...
02:05 PM, Tuesday, November 03
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BLOG: Election Day conundrum
Spring Back, Fall Forward made me vote today. Let me explain. The expired Samsung Flight cell phone I use as an alarm...
01:00 PM, Tuesday, November 03
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Guest column: Breast cancer awareness continues
If you are old enough to remember the campaign slogan launched in 1968 for Virginia Slim cigarettes, “You've Come a L...
04:16 PM, Friday, October 30
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Column: A newcomer’s guide to Georgia-Florida Week
If you have just arrived in our fair state from some alien environment like the planet Krutopia or maybe Vermont, I n...
05:35 PM, Thursday, October 29
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Column: The important things
Dear readers, If you subscribe to my e-newsletter, you get to participate in fun challenges such as this one. Subscri...
05:28 PM, Thursday, October 29
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Column: Trick or change?
My father, Jack, is a kind and brilliant man and I love and respect him deeply. My father, Jack, is also a unique and...
05:16 PM, Thursday, October 29
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Column: Vinings Cemetery lost in shadow of development
For many years civic clubs, Boy Scouts and local students gathered in Vinings Cemetery at Halloween to clear debris, ...
10:21 AM, Wednesday, October 28
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Guest column: Stone Mountain monument is progress but not ...
The idea to place a monument at the top of Stone Mountain in response to the call for boycotts against Confederate sy...
02:45 PM, Friday, October 23
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Column: Some random thoughts on random subjects
I mentioned a few weeks back the TBF/FLW High School Fishing Southeastern Conference Championship tournament schedule...
11:10 AM, Thursday, October 22
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Column: Savor, don’t squander
“Beguile us in the way you know; Release one leaf at break of day;” — From “October” by Robert Frost I’ll fess up rig...
11:04 AM, Thursday, October 22
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Guest column: Helping injured athletes
No one matches Georgians when it comes to love of football. I even find pride in that the uniform colors of Red and B...
11:00 AM, Thursday, October 22
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State should restore electric vehicl...
EDITOR: Electric vehicle incentives are good for our economy, local businesses and encourage the next generation of t...
10:47 AM, Thursday, October 22
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Column: Preserve may be closed but will be worth getting ‘...
With all due respect to the great many things Atlanta has to offer, at the end of the day there are really just two r...
04:44 PM, Wednesday, October 21
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Column: Somebody forgot to tell God the world was ending
eBible Fellowship, a group out of Philadelphia that does all itsworshiping online (“Alright, users, let us bow our he...
09:58 PM, Thursday, October 15
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Column: Ditch the cloak of carelessness
Q: What do you consider the hallmarks of gracious living? A: Kindness is the cornerstone of gracious living. But inst...
09:50 PM, Thursday, October 15
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