Column: Academician right about woman who shares m...
by Dick Yarbrough
12:30 PM, Wednesday, November 25
Several of you got a chuckle over my recent observations on a survey from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia that said a good way to improve your marriage is to show gratitude to your spouse. As one reader tol...

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Column: Friends and bad boyfriends
Q: My best friend is one of the brightest, warmest, most wonderful people I know. We’ve known each other since we wer...
12:24 PM, Wednesday, November 25
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Guest column: It’s not okay to assume lung cancer patients...
Editor’s note: This guest column is being published this week in part because November is National Lung Cancer Awaren...
12:17 PM, Wednesday, November 25
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Column: Tour to showcase home where garden club started
When patrons of Peachtree Garden Club’s annual Christmas Home Tour visit an Italian-inspired mansion on Pinestream Ro...
12:08 PM, Wednesday, November 25
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Column: Unsubstantiated sources have no place in journalism
I can’t guarantee I got all the commas where they belong today, but I can guarantee what you read here is my opinion ...
01:20 PM, Thursday, November 19
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Column: Be like Joe Kirby
As I write this, a funeral service is being held for my friend and comrade, Joe Kirby. I was in the midst of drafting...
01:14 PM, Thursday, November 19
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Column: O’Reilly makes a mess of history
Were the lungs the seat of wisdom, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly would be wise, but they are not and he is not. So it i...
01:00 PM, Thursday, November 19
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Proposed sports complex should not b...
EDITOR: I just finished reading in the [Nov. 4] Neighbor [article] about The Galloway School’s proposed [sports] comp...
12:55 PM, Thursday, November 19
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Column: Foursome broke color barrier at Bobby Jones
On an ordinary spring day in 1951 Billy Wilson, the general manager of Bobby Jones Golf Course, took payment from a m...
11:19 PM, Wednesday, November 18
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Column: A big thank-you to UGA study on marital bliss
There are many good things happening at my alma mater, the University of Georgia, these days. Unfortunately, not much...
08:42 AM, Thursday, November 12
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Column: Don’t pussyfoot around
Q: It seems like people are getting offended over every little thing these days. Recently one of my favorite families...
08:36 AM, Thursday, November 12
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Guest column: GOP candidates can’t take the heat
The Republicans running for president don’t want to be asked any questions that might put them on the spot, bless the...
08:26 AM, Thursday, November 12
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Column: Flag’s journey started a lifetime passion
On my first trip to Boston as a child, I panicked on the Swan Boat in Boston Common and cried until the boat returned...
05:17 PM, Wednesday, November 11
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Column: Don't mess with our porcine preferences
The history revisionists are still busy as a bee trying to rid us of all vestiges of the Old South. That means some b...
11:13 AM, Thursday, November 05
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Column: The face of friendship
A reader wrote and asked, “What does real friendship look like?” I then invited Facebook friends to share a profound ...
11:03 AM, Thursday, November 05
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Electric vehicle tax credit not as g...
EDITOR: The Oct. 21 edition of the Neighbor had a letter to the editor by the Citizens Climate Lobby titled “State sh...
10:56 AM, Thursday, November 05
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